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It's Like Possessing The Secret Pin Numbers
To A Commercial Financing ATM That Spits
Out Cash And Real Estate At Your Disposal

How And Why I Went From Being A Stressed Out, Equity Rich Distress Residential Property Investor To Financing, Wholesaling And Investing In Income Producing Commercial Properties Like These!
Class A -Commercial Properties like these are easy to find and to finance! Class A- Multi Family Properties Like These Are Easy To Find And Easy To Finance. Health Care Properties like these are easy to find and to finance!
Single Tenant Investment Properties Class B Commercial Properties Like these are easy to locate and even easier to finance! Class A "Trophy properties like these are great opportunities for acquisitions and financing

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 It's Like Possessing The Secret Pin Numbers
To A Commercial Financing ATM That Spits
Out Cash And Real Estate At Your Disposal..

Now You Can Learn The Exact System I Used To Place Over $250 Million In Commercial Loans In 36 Days Using A Telephone And A Fax Machine !

That's Right, I Places $253,130,000.00 In Commercial Loans In 36 Days Using 1 of My Insider Commercial Financing Secrets........

Here' The Proof!

And Now You Can Get The Same System!

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Robert Hauge, WA

Pattie Porter, MO John Ferino, GA

John Thoma, NJ

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What My Banker, Realtor, Mortgage Broker And Residential "Guru's" Didn't Tell Me About 
Distress Residential Real Estate Investing Nearly Put Me Out Of Business.....

Have You Ever Wondered ...

  • Why You Have To Qualify For Residential Conforming Loans?
  • Why You Have To Personally Guarantee Residential Loans?
  • Why Your Credit Matters Even Though You Are Personally Guaranteeing The Loan?
  • Why Your Properties Can't Secure Themselves?
  •  Why Do You Have To Put Money Down On Residential  Properties?
  • Why Are There LTV Limits?

Residential Investing Is A
Launching Pad...
Not A
Final Destination!

You are about to discover what every Residential Real Estate Investor wants to know. How to break into the commercial investing arena. This is not a rehash of another program. This information is based on actual experiences and not some theory. It's is based on 20 years of actual wheeling and dealing.

Some of the information will challenge your core beliefs. But the truth is where your find it and it is what it is.

It's not difficult to succeed in residential investing. It's probably the safest investment you can make. But eventually, you'll going to run into some major problems like I did that can put you out of business.

It's Just A Matter Of Time Before You'll
Confront These  Financing Limitations And Flaws
If You Haven't Done So Already!


Residential Real Estate Investing is getting harder and more difficult to finance, while financing for commercial properties has gotten easier.

Residential Investing is the riskiest and most difficult properties to finance when compared to commercial properties because you have to qualify for the financing based on your credit... Commercial properties can qualify for loans based on their own income.....

Residential Investing will always require loan qualifying and personal loan guarantees while commercial properties don't.

Distress Residential Investing is the most difficult of all to finance due to conforming underwriting guidelines.... Commercial underwriting guidelines are less stringent..

The more properties you purchase the less credit power you have,
I Cracked The Commercial Financing And Investing Code Over 20 Years Ago ....

From the Desk of : Durante' Parks
Fayetteville, Georgia (USA)
Tuesday, 11:27 a.m.

Dear Fellow Residential Investor,

You probably never heard of me. But like you, I understand the challenges and headaches associated with Residential Real Real Estate Investing.

I began investing in Distress Residential Real Estate in the 1984 after completing "Robert Allen's No Money Down Work Shop that was taught by Carleton Sheets. Two year into the program I had purchased about 20 properties. Some I kept and other I sold.  I follow the programs and executed the instructions and they worked flawlessly.

Then one day I received a telephone voice message from my Banker that put in motion a sequence of events that changed me and my life for ever. It all began with this voice message from my banker.

I had about 10 properties when I received this message. I had no idea what income to debt ratios, sub-prime rates and underwriting guidelines were. But I knew it was time to find out more about them.

Though I didn't realize it at the time, this problem put in motion a series of events that lead me into the commercial financing and investing career. It also was the beginning of a new investment model.

My residential investing had been quite successful up to this point. I had purchased properties in almost every distress market: FHA VA, Probate Properties, Marshalls Sales, IRS Tax Sales, Pre and Post REO'S properties. Although I knew quit a bit about residential investing, I didn't consider myself to a expert or "guru" THEN or now. I do consider myself to be a serious student of the game.

You don't have to know a lot to be a residential property investor. You just need guts and be willing to sign all the documents and the real estate will usually take care of the rest. Why? Because Real Estate investing is very "forgiving". If you simply hold on to it, it will always fix itself with appreciation, depreciation and mortgage balance pay down.

I am sure that I am not the only investor that has been denied credit. Every active investor will eventually face this dilemma. When it happens, it can be emotionally devastating.

For me, this challenge was a launching pad that lead to a lucrative career in commercial financing and investing. Now you can profit for my 20 years of experience without having to cough up large fees and tuitions.

Since I can only work personally with a few individual at a time, I've taken my concepts and techniques and made them all available online.

Enjoy your visit and I wish you great success in your investing!


Durante' Parks

"How I Moved From Residential Investing To Commercial Investing ?

"What My "Distressed Residential Property " Guru's
 Told Me To Do!" 

How I Once Purchased Residential Properties!

My Original Investing Strategy !


Purchase Pre And Post Forced Sale Properties


Look For Distress Properties, Distress Owners Or Distress Situations.


Always Look To Force And Create Higher Property Values By
Improving Baths And Kitchens First...


Use Options and Contracts To Control Properties....


Provide And Prepare For Property Management ....


How To Locate And Finance Apartment And Multi Family Properties


Buy And Never Sell Is The Key To Wealth Building!


Refinance your properties when you need cash!


Remember "recapture" and "capital gains".


Use Creative Financing When Possible


Use Hard Money For Short Term Acquisition Financing


Finance Repairs And Renovations With Equity Partners: Friends And Family


Plan For And Expect "Negative Cash Flows"

This was the foundation of my investing program!

"My Typical Residential Property
Investing Tactics

How I Played The "Residential Investing "Game!


My first offer would be for the amount of the current mortgage balance.
This creates a "no money" and discount opportunity automatically .


My second offer would be 100% of the county Tax Assessment
This creates a no money and discount opportunity also.


My third offer would be 70% of the fair market value.
I use appraisals or market comparable to determine the fair market value.


I would close and immediately apply for a: Title 1 Home Improvement Loan to finance the rehabs. This is a excellent source for rehab financing under $25k No qualifying need. I only need the title. (See details below)
Title 1: an FHA-insured loan that allows a borrower to make non-luxury improvements
(like renovations or repairs) to their home; Title I loans less than $7,500 don't require a property lien.


Complete the renovations in 90 days max.


Carry a Negative cash flow during the renovation period


Rent the property via Section 8 in 90 days max


Refinance at the improved value and pay off all loans in 120 days max


Pull cash out and collect the monthly cash flow


Rent Section 8 and place on auto pilot


Refinance every 5 years and NEVER SELL.

I focused on FHA AND VA exclusively. I found the U.S. Government to be a very motivated seller of real estate. Plus the inventory was easy to locate and the financing was provided.

One Voice Message From My Banker
And I Was Out Of Business!


  • " Hi Durante, I called to let you know that we won't be able to approve your loan at prime rates. We pulled your current credit report and your income to debt ratios are a too high.

    We can provide the financing but not like we have in the past. We can finance the property but it will have to be underwritten using sub- prime underwriting guidelines. We can only offer 70% LTV rather than the normal 80% LTV. You may want to consider:

  • Getting a Co- Borrower with stronger credit

  • Paying off some of your mortgage debts.

    Give me a call back and let me know how you want to proceed."

My "Residential Property "
 Guru's Didn't Prepare Me For This!

Problem:1 No More Credit Available!

I called my banker back and after a 1 hour call and a 60 minute meeting the next day, I was basically out of the Residential Real Estate business. I was glad that at least I had 10 properties remaining. Here's the final verdict:


My "Residential Property"  
Guru's Didn't Prepare
 Me For This!

" Durante, listen. As long as you are purchasing properties that are zoned for residential use, we are forced to underwrite them using residential underwriting guidelines.

That means, you will have to "qualify" and "guarantee" the loans. This isn't a bank policy, it's due to the use of the properties. Residential properties like the ones you purchase are designed for "personal " use. The "zoning " confirms this.

Personal use properties will always require personal qualifying and personal guarantees regardless of what you do with the property. You can change the use. But Non-Owner occupancy doesn't change or effect the underwriting guidelines. These properties are underwritten based on residential lending and underwriting guidelines. and the guidelines require personal qualifying and personal guarantees.

The only way to eliminate this completely is to purchase properties that are not zoned for personal use."

All Of The Because Of The ZONING?

I concluded that if I couldn't qualify for any more Residential Mortgages I certainly wouldn't qualify a commercial mortgage. So I did the next best thing. 

I attempted to Wholesale a $15 Million Dollar Apartment complex that I knew was available. Previously, I had no interest in this property. But now I had a great interest in it. My choices were limited!

After contacting the owners and getting some information on the property, I ran 1 ad and in 2 weeks I was entertaining  offers on my first commercial property. I had no idea what I was doing. There was no one there to tell me I that I couldn't do it either.

A gentleman in Boca Raton, Florida made an "all cash" offer on this property. Here's what intrigued about these commercial offers. These individuals were making offers to purchase multi- million dollar properties without any earnest money or a formal contract. I couldn't do that in the residential market,

After 3 counters, the deal died over a $30,000.00 difference. My fees from this deal would have been $150,000.00. Heck, I was willing to pay $30,000.00 from my fees. I couldn't imagine the Buyers or the Sellers letting $30,000.00 stop a $15M Sell or purchase right? Wrong!

The next week I received a call from the gentle in Boca Raton. He wanted to know if I had any more properties. We talked for several hours.

I discovered that he was a retired President of a large National Bank . He had been in retirement for 6 month and stated that his blood was boiling. He wanted to tap into his International Banking Network to do some commercial deals but he couldn't. He went on to explain that as part of his retirement package, he agreed not to compete with the Bank and not to use any of the resources or contact he had established during his 30 year employment.

If he contacted them or did any business with those contact and the Bank found out about it, he would lose his pension plus other damages. He was convinced that the Bank had the guts to enforce this agreement because his retirement package was well over $6 Million Dollars. He wasn't going to have a $6M seminar.

He felt that I could help him by contacting people he could not contact and doing some of the things he was not permitted to do. In return he agreed to split all the profits 50/50.

This was the beginning of a 3 Year Mentoring program and I didn't even know it. And boy did he train me well. We closed 9 deals and booked over $200M in loans. And I was just getting stated.

That's how I got into Commercial Financing Business. Imagine, my first attempt at getting in the business brought a 3 year apprentice with a retired banker. So now I had a lot of reasons to just keep the residential properties I had acquired Right! Wrong Again!

My new friend and mentor gave me a completely new way of looking at Distress Residential Investing.

"10 Reasons Why I QUIT
 Investing In Distress Residential
Real Estate  And Why You Should Also!"

Click Here

For the past 2 years, I been quietly conducting commercial financing boot camps on line with a very small group of investors implementing my commercial financing strategies.

We spent over $20,00.00 just in research and software for our students. Since I will not be conducting any boot camps in the immediate future, I've decided to make all of the content and resources available via a subscription to a small group at a fraction of the normal tuition.

The Smartest Thing You Can Do This Year
To Take Your Investing To The Next Level Is To
"Upgrade Your Investing Skills"!


"What Others Are Saying
About This Training!...

Kevin, McArdle, IL

Lon Chen, Ny

Richard Denye, IL

Godfey Adams, Fl

Bob Reynolds, OH

Rey Berona, CA

Cecil Chang, UT

Quentella Barton, TX

Trena Dean, TX

Here's What's Covered In Our Online
 Commercial Financing Training Modules!

Here's What You'll Learn 
Regarding Commercial Financing:

How To locate and identify the 2 lenders you must have for long term investing
How To Interview, qualify AND select the right lenders to work with and the best commercial programs .
How To locate non-conforming commercial lenders that offer "stated income loans" and low documentation loans.... They are easy to locate!
How To create cash flow notes simply for the asking
How To get the best terms and rates from any financial institution for
your commercial properties. When And How To Negotiate with Lenders....
How To secure financing for your next commercial property before you even locate the property! STOP looking at properties "hoping" to get financing. Secure the financing FIRST!
How To get Non-Recourse and Non-Qualifying commercial loans ....
Terms are important. But conditions are more important!
How To remove all of the lenders risk from your transactions to get beyond the 80 and 90 percent LTV barriers. You use this for your own purchases....
How To make a Commercial Lenders Your "Silent" Equity Partner...
How To present your own custom financing program to a lender when he doesn't
have one that suites your needs.
How To use Hard Money loan programs for monthly cash flow in spite of the cost
How To move from investing in Distress Residential Real Estate To Investing And Financing Income Producing Properties... .In As Little As 8 Weeks! Includes an Exit and Entry Strategy.
How To start you own Commercial Financing Business and earn residual income by providing various Commercial Financing services.
10 reasons why you should STOP investing In Distress Residential Real Estate Immediately. There's a dead in ahead the Guru's Aren't Talking about: click here for details.

Here's What You'll Learn 
Commercial Properties:

How To determine if you should invest or finance commercial properties. Pro's And Cons
How To locate commercial properties before they ever get on the market for the best cap rates.
How To locate and work with Professional Property Buyers And Sellers... We provide you with hundreds of them...
The Best place to locate unlisted non distressed motivated commercial property owners. No Realtors are in this secret market!
Which Properties Are BEST? Hotels, Retail, Shopping Centers, Regional Malls, Industrial Properties, Health Care, Office Properties, or Multi-Family properties .... It all depends on what your objectives are.....You can profit from all of them, but not at the same time
Which Properties Are The WORST ? Hotels, Retail, Shopping Centers, Regional Malls, Industrial Properties, Health Care, Office Properties, or Multi-Family properties .... If You make the WRONG selection, it can take you years to recover ....
When To use a contract and when you don't need one
Why You should NEVER purchase Distress Commercial Properties..
Where To go to find the best properties for maximum profits.

Where To go to find the best properties for fast wholesaling .....

What Are the easiest commercial properties to finance and purchase.....
How To identify properties that qualify for financing above 90% LTC and Higher!
How To earn major profits and Fees by providing a property referral service to Institutional Property Buyers. These are qualified cash buyers too....
How to purchase properties without a realtor.. It's easier than you think
When To use a commercial realtor
How To Wholesale portfolios of commercial properties when there's a Realtor, Institutional Property Buyers and a Institutional Property Sellers are involved, and earn fees and profits from all parties .....

Here's What You'll Learn 
Regarding Starting Your Own
Financing Business:

Understanding And Identifying 6 Profit Points! How to identify a niche markets and provide niche commercial loans for that market.
How To decide if you want to offer Regional, National or International Financing Services.
How To locate HOT and targeted LOAN prospects without spending a dime on advertising
How To identify Professional and Un Professional Borrowers and how to work with each.
How To qualify a borrower's in 35 minutes without completing a single loan application
How To turn non- qualifying prospects into customers by providing them with some of your "other" services.
How To turn all your residential competitors into clients eager for your commercial financing services.
How To pick the best niche markets for the fastest and easiest deals. It only takes a little research for a special web site.
How To convert a portion of your FEE agreement into a cash flow note secured against a commercial property for the asking....
How and when to take equity in your client's project. One question and you'll have the answer. Discover how to create mortgage notes for the asking.
How To submit your loans to hundreds of lenders at once and have then competing for your business in as little as 24 hours.
How To work with Commercial Bankers, Realtors, Brokers and even Jokers.
How To quickly locate large commercial refinance loans $5 Million and more and guarantee yourself a fast $100k in fees.... You'll know exactly where to go and how to do it!
Should You Take Your Business On Line? Pro's and cons!!!
Two documents you must always have... Without them you may go to a closing and not get paid
How to Open Your Own Money Store Using A Special Web Site And Take Your Business Immediately Into The Global Market 24/7. No geographical limitations.

"Once You Complete Our Basic Commercial Financing  Training, You'll Be Able To Use Your New Skills In A Variety Of NEW ways...
Here are just a few of the possibilities"

Which Of These Commercial Financing Skills
 Do You Want To Begin Developing ?

Commercial Property Investing

Commercial Property Financing Specialist
Commercial Property Financing Specialist are financiers that specialize in financing specific types of Commercial Real Estate. These individuals may finance multi family rehabs, conversions properties or refinancing. They usually work directly with specialty lenders and have access to unique financing products for specific type of properties. What makes them different is, they provide NICHE financing products for specific types of commercial properties or specific situations. These Financing Specialist are paid fees by Lenders for bring doable deals and qualified borrowers to their funding sources. They as independent contractors and work mostly with Borrowers And Lenders. 
Commercial Property Wholesaler
Commercial Property Wholesalers specialize in providing commercial properties and portfolios of commercial properties to Professional Property Buyers. Their specialty is their ability to locate and pre sell commercial properties. These specialist WORK with qualified  Intuitional property Buyers, they generally do not work with Lenders. These specialist work mostly with and for Buyers and Sellers by providing each with what they want. Some work with individual properties as well as portfolios of commercial properties. They contract at one price and sell at a higher price and profit from the difference.
Commercial Property Investor
Commercial Property investors purchase individual properties for their own portfolios.
Some of the new investors do no purchase distress or under performing properties.
These investors avoid purchasing under performing and distress properties.

Unlike the typical old school investors, they ONLY  purchase income producing properties with long term professional tenants to avoid qualifying and guaranteeing loans. These investors use special properties and special financing that allows to leverage properties above 100% LTV should they want to. In some instances, they receive rebates at closing. They only purchase properties that are self funding. This gives them the ability to purchase as many properties as they want whether it's a single property or a portfolio of properties. This training is covered in our Advance Portfolio Financing Boot Camp.         
Master Money Broker
Master Money Brokers AKA Commercial financing consultant are versed in all of the above areas in addition to having a the ability to secure financing beyond commercial real estate. This elite group can finance venture capital projects, business expansion loans, lines of credit, factoring services, business financing, franchise financing etc. Some also have the ability to do International Financing.

Master Money brokers work with private banks, pension funds, insurance companies  and have the ability to structure unique financing programs based on their client's the . This Boot Camp, you learn how to finance your own properties. Where to locate the properties, and the financing. Whether it's a 200 unit apartment complex or a portfolio of 20  Block Buster Or  is, The best properties, how to locate and select the perfect property.

This Is Just A Sample Of  What You Can Do With Just One Of My Commercial Financing Strategies In Less Than 60 Days...

How Would You Like To Have The Tools,
The System And The Mindset To Put Commercial
Transactions Like These Together Any Time You Want...

The 2007 $500 Million Dollar
 Challenge Results..

36 Days Results

60 Days Results

Project Details

These Transactions
Just Keep Coming..

I do this every few years....
This is a "part time" business for me now !

And you can LEARN do the same!

Selling Money As A Business is the perfect recession proof Business to be in especially during a "Global Recession "

In fact, the worst the economy is,
the faster your business will grow!

Now You Can Get My Complete
Commercial Financing Training System!

This Is Your Opportunity To Start A New Career And To Begin Taking The Steps To Turn All Your Dreams Into A Reality. 

Learn The Commercial Financing Game From A Master Financier And Simply Implement The System And Duplicate The Results...

The exact system I Used To Place Over $250 Million In Commercial Loans Between November And December 2006 In 36 Days Using A Telephone And A Fax Machine !

That's Right, $253,130,000.00 In Commercial Loans Were Placed In 36 Days Using 1 of My Insider Commercial Financing Secrets........

Here' The Proof!

If Not This Then WHAT?
Your Opportunity Is NOW !

Once You Complete This
Financing  Training Program You'll Qualify
For Our Advance Top Gun Training Programs Where You Can Execute What You've learned In Real Time With Real People.

YES Durante, I want to take advantage of your insane
 8 Week Training Program That Others Paid Up To $2,500.00 To Access.

Sign Up Now
-  I am making my Commercial Financing Online Boot Camp available for the first time as a subscription service for a very limited time.

I realize that for just $225.98 per month for 3 months and then $89.98 per month every month there after I will receive:  $ $77.77 per month

  • Access to the Commercial Financing Training Site

  • Access to over 16 Hours of live unedited Boot Camp Audios for immediate download or online listening.(mp3's)
  • Actual Boot Camp Work Books and forms. PDF)
  • Access to the Virtual Money Broker Financing Tool Box. This Tool Box contains all the Commercial Lenders And Commercial Property Buyers needed for Financing AND Wholesaling Commercial Properties for yourself as a Business Or FOR your personal use. Includes an extensive library of  qualified professional commercial Property Buyers. This resource provides you with tools and resources for launching your own commercial financing

  • 8 Week Online Boot Camp And Our Blue Print For Financial Freedom:
    This is your 8 Week Blue Print. Tools without a project isn't of much value. So to help you to persist in your pursuit, we wouldn't do you much good if we provide you with all the training and didn't provide you with any immediate projects and goals.

    We will provide you with a solid plan for getting $100% Debt Free. This will be your immediate goal. You become your first client and your objective is to get Debt Free and then to begin investing in the right commercial properties.

    This site includes the 8 Week training program With Step By Step, Week By Week Instructions, live audios, actual work book, forms, the financing tool box of Lenders, Buyers And funding sources .
  • Once You Complete The 8 Week Training program, you qualify for our Mentoring And Joint Venture program absolutely FREE as long as your membership is active.  VALUE: $3,500.00

  • Assistance With Your First Transaction REMOVED
    As part of your membership, you agree to do your first transaction through and with us. Once your transaction is closed, we will terminate your subscription and you will be entitled to 12 Months membership absolutely FREE.

    Bring us a real deal and you'll get a better deal.
    Memberships cancellations will occur once we receive a solid and verifiable funding commitment from your Lender....

I understand that this is a self paced online training program and I can go as fast or as slow as I want. I understand that if  I can cancel at any time and I understand that this subscription rate of will never increase.

I understand that I have a full 30 days to inspect the training program to determine if it I want to continue.

I can cancel anytime during the first 30 Day period and receive a 100% "No Hassel No Questions Asked Refund". After 30 days, if I should cancel, I understand that I will not qualify for a refund but simply will not be billed again.

I understand that due to the extreme high value of this membership, I will not receive access to the download center until I have completed the 3rd month of my membership.

On  that basics, sign me up for your Master Money Broker Commercial Financing Online Membership. This price will never increase.

After completing my 8 WEEK Training program you will automatically qualify for my apprentice and JV programs.

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 These terms and conditions are strictly enforced!

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Online Commercial Financing Training Boot Camp

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I understand that this is a self paced boot camp and I can go as fast or as slow as I want. I understand that if  I can cancel at any time and I understand that this subscription rate will never increase.

I understand that I have a full 30 days to inspect the training program to determine if it I want to continue.

I understand that I will be billed $225.98  

Only $77.77 per month.

Only $59.97 per month.

I can cancel anytime during the first 30 Day period and receive a 100% "No Hassel No Question Refund". After 30 days, if I should cancel, I understand that I will not qualify for a refund but simply will not be billed again.

NOTE: Once you've completed this core training program, you can upgrade to our Advance Training Programs if you choose to !

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