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Hi Durante,

I just wanted to let you know how the Virtual Money Broker System has changed, not only our thinking, but our life.
Before we met you, Cliff and I were die-hard Residential Real Estate Investors, teaching others how to do the same thing we did. We have done workshops, boot camps, free public seminars, one-on-one mentoring, tele-seminars, and etc. We met people across the US doing much the same as what we were doing here in St. Louis.

However, we knew there was another side to investing that we were not sure we would ever be able to explore.
After Chauncey White introduced me to you and your Commercial Financing Program, I wasn’t the same. After spending days on end with no sleep, listening to the audios, doing the exercises, I saw a new way of life unfolding in a matter of hours! An entirely new world of financing and investing had just been introduced to me and I wondered why I hadn’t seen it before then. Well, as we both know “When the student is ready, the teacher appears.” I was ready and
you came along.

I have learned and executed a vast amount of information delivered to me in the commercial financing arena. I have closed loans over the last year that I thought I’d never get the opportunity to do or see. I have worked side-by-side with banking contacts delivering underwritten packages to them in a format that they accept. In fact, they gave me their underwriting guidelines. Who would have thought that I could build a business around building loan packages and consulting services to investors? I certainly didn’t know that I had that potential in me, to that degree, but then I thought, who better than me? If Cliff and I taught investors how to invest into residential properties, surely we could help those same investors move into the commercial arena doing it the right way. So we started that journey.

We also wholesaled residential properties and taught others how to do that as well. Now we work with the same skills wholesaling properties in the commercial market. We simply learn the rules of engagement and then engaged ourselves. We found that we had all the tools that we needed to do this business, but didn’t know how to connect the dots. You helped us to make that mental transition and now we’re off and running, still, one year later!

Thank you for being our reality-check, our teacher, our mentor, our coach, our business partner, and our friend. You have been all that and more.

To anyone who is considering making the transition, think no longer. This is the backroom secrets to Commercial Financing that you won’t learn on the streets.

You really “do” learn how to do deals and learn skills that will definitely last a lifetime.

Thanks Durante’

Cheryl and Clifford Young
St. Louis, MO


The virtual office is a must have for anyone involved in commercial real estate. It consists of lenders and buyers for your specific industry and valuable tools needed in real estate that helps your financing and selling needs.   

I received my virtual office about two weeks ago and it has been a great time saver. I have everything I need in one spot and can organize my information accordingly. It has given me real companies that provide real results. I love it because there are no broker chains or fly by night companies involved. And mostly it provided me with companies that I may not have found on my own!

Thanks Durante! I cannot express how much easier it is to process my deals and loans for my clients!

Tangela Brown


I had the opportunity to review the virtual office you set up and all I can say is "WOW!!". The genius of what you have put together is that in this one place by the time the project meets our criteria, we have a buyer for it!! This tool is invaluable to those of us who are new to money brokering and puts us years ahead in terms of the progress we're going to make in a very short time.There are time in one's life when a great opportunity comes by, for me I know this is it; and I am glad to seize it. Thanks for the hard work and your integrity of heart.

Dan Mudido



After being around your program for the past 4 months, I have learned a tremendous amount on Real Estate and Financing Real Estate. I have been exposed to numerous out of the box ideas that I could have never thought of on my own or while in college. These techniques and strategies are very powerful because it has a value for every party involved in a real estate transaction.  

The toolbox has all types of information you can imagine in order to run this business efficiently. If you understand the strategies you will find everything that you need from the toolbox to run an efficient real estate and finance business. 

Over the last few months, I have learned enough information from Durante’s coaching to be very arrogant in the real estate industry. I am in the process of implementing the strategies because they work. You just have to work efficiently and move quickly on your projects. I have submitted properties to some REITS and by the time I  presented an offer to the sellers the properties went under contract a couple of days prior.

I am now focusing on getting an acquisition program together in order to become an investor and acquire my own properties. I didn’t feel comfortable with this prior to the coaching classes, but now I understand the game and I am playing it. I know it’s a number’s game and sooner or later I will get a lender to establish an acquisition program for me that will make me a very powerful individual in the Real Estate Investment Industry.  

Thank you very much Durante for the out of the box ideas that you have presented to us. My advice to all of you out there, “the information is powerful, but unless you implement the techniques and use the information you will waste powerful information and tools.”

Matt Paul




I'm writing this note to share my comments on the value and benefits that my virtual office has afforded me.

Having a wealth of targeted information on a single webpage is phenomenal. With a simple click of the mouse, I can go from identifying lenders and institutional buyers to knowing the proper probing questions to ask an Acquisition or Loan Officer to researching
a REIT to calculating a cap rate and more. This vast amount of information at my fingertips and the ability to navigate it smoothly means that I save time and money that would otherwise be spent on research and other tasks.

Additionally, the virtual office allows me to have the confidence and professionalism that I desire in operating my Money Brokering business.

In my opinion, the virtual office is a tool that when used, will yield substantial returns. Therefore, investing $2500-$3000 would be money wisely spent. I would prefer to make such an investment and give myself the competitive edge and increased probability in closing a deal than to spend less and never make a dime.

I truly believe that by taking action and applying the information I now have at my fingertips will lead to financial independence for myself and my family.

When properly used, the virtual office can shorten one's learning curve and lengthen the digits in their bank account. Thank you for this phenomenal turnkey system.


K. Fisher


As a retired Teacher and newbie notebroker, I was a bit hesitant to get involved in Commercial Money Brokering. But after talking with Durante Parks, I realized this man was clearly on top of his game and if there was anyone I would want to learn from, it was him.

He introduced me to a whole new world of Creative Financing, and made it all so easy to learn. He presented our team with a hands on Virtual -Office and Data Bank Manager and walked us through the program step by step, making sure we didn't stumble and fall, or get hurt and burned out before we really got started.
We are major players now with the determination and stamina it takes to stay there. We play with the Big Boys and give them a run for their money. We are in the Major Leagues and enjoy playing the game!
He was far more than a Coach or Mentor .He became one of my dearest friends and is the best strategic business partner an entrepreneur could have.


Brenda Templer

Decatur, Ill



First of all, I would like to thank God for blessing Durante with the willingness to be a vessel of truth and knowledge.  He has used the gifts that God has given to him and made himself available to bless others with the knowledge and mentoring they need to change their life.  He has truly taught me to fish. Praise God. Amen.

When I began your coaching program, I was stressed and extremely tired of chasing rainbows.  I was ready for something to change not just my luck, but also my way of doing things, because obviously ‘my way’ wasn’t working anymore.  I was willing to let go of everything, and submit myself to following the instruction of someone who knew the road, the obstacles AND the solution- and YOU were that person.

Since participating in your personal mentoring and coaching sessions, I have learned so much, not just about commercial real estate investing, but also about myself and my personal abilities.  You have enabled me to appreciate my God-Given talents, and value my worth as a person and businesswoman. 

Also, I have learned how to evaluate perspective deals with just TWO pieces of information, and how to apply that formula to every major purchase, from a car to a washing machine and more.  I have learned how to maximize my time & efforts and how to make money in the “mean-time”, while I am waiting on my big payday, in addition to learning the “in’s & out’s” of the real estate finance & acquisition game. 

Though I considered myself a part of the investor and broker world, I was never able to get the deal 100% closed before.  Something would always fall apart and I would have wasted weeks (and sometimes months) of my time, and end up with nothing.   No money, no deal and with only a battered confidence in myself & abilities to show for my efforts.  But that has changed now, since participating in your personal mentoring and coaching program.

Thank you so much, Durante and God Bless.  I will forever be in your debt and appreciate the change that you have brought to my life.

 Natashia Wilson
Acquisition & Funding Consultant
Atlanta, Georgia



As a seasoned internet marketer and programmer, I am accustom to seeing a lot of hype on the web. I have spent several thousand dollars in my internet marketing business and barely made a dime. That's why I shifted to the paper business, and that's why I joined the club. Just to think that I owe our relationship to Stephen Pierce's coach club. I now see the value true value of a forum.
You are a very gifted mentor and teacher. Your ability to simplify the note business is exceptional. The way you integrate the cash flow business with real estate and financing is awesome! It is so simple that it's actually hard!

I want you to know that the most powerful things I have learned were revealed in our personal consultation time. I always have my recorder on when I talk with you because information flows so freely that I can't remember it all. I really admire the way you are able to break down some of the most complicated transactions into simple understandable bites. Thank you for breaking down the cash flow puzzle and for showing me how to FREE up $800.00 monthly from my current income and thanks for showing me those secret and special things. For me, your consultations are priceless. The paper knowledge is just beginning. Financing really is the key thing!
I am amazed that I know how to structure and close multi million dollars transactions using your Fast Start program. I'm glad I completed the boot camp before I discovered it also. Had I known about it before the Boot Camp, I probably would have not completed the training. It is really powerful information and has changed my entire outlook for the future. As you said, the only difference between $10,000 and $1,000,000.00 is the number of ZEROS. So simple yet so profound! Thanks for the training and especially for the friendship and all the other things you've done.
I think you should charge much more for your consultations. The information you've revealed in the personal consultation is worth so much more than the cost of the boot camp. You're really selling yourself short. Perhaps you should exclude the counseling from the boot camp. For me, the power has been from the "personal consultations"!

Thanks for setting me on the right course and giving me the tools that I can use for the remainder of my life. Thanks for sharing the light. Also, thanks for giving me the push when I needed it!

Thanks Coach!
Eric Grigsby
Internet Marketer
NT System Engineer
Gresham, OR


You are answer to prayer for me and my family.  We have been asking God to show us a way that we can earn a good living working for our selves, from anywhere and around our family goals and priorities.  In just a very short time the knowledge, insight, tools , coaching and mentorship you have provided has show us how to generate a seven figure income -- something we did not expect!  

I took an informed leap of faith when I engaged in your coaching service, but I did not expect to receive so much in such a short period of time. There has been so many tangible and intangible insights that you have shared with me to date that has significantly impacted the bottom line and the way I approach my moneybroker business. To say you "over-deliver" is an under statement.

Your honesty, openness and willingness to share from your heart is a refreshing change from a world dominated by greed, selfishness and dishonesty.  

I am so grateful that you came into my life and enriched it with so many awesome possibilities to build financial freedom for my family. Thank you for so freely sharing your knowledge, tools, experience and your heart with me.  

The training and mentoring you have provided is priceless and will positively impact me for the rest of my life.  It is with a grateful heart that I look forward to all the great things we will accomplish together and the abundance we will create. May God continue to bless you and inspire you to achieve greater heights as a master teacher and communicator.

I believe the crop you are sowing now brother, will yield you a harvest beyond even your dreams and expectation.
God Bless!

Your Esther,
Lil Sawyer
Funding Consultant
Ontario, Canada



After spending thousands of dollars on other programs that provided a lot of information, but little in the way of support, I feel I have finally found a group of people who actually care about whether I succeed and are actively helping me achieve my goals. This is a TRUE and REAL mentoring program.

Jenny Adams
Network Adminstrator
Sacramento, CA


After spending thousands of dollars on other programs that provided a lot of information, but little in the way of support, I feel I have finally found a group of people who actually care about whether I succeed and are actively helping me achieve my goals. This is a TRUE and REAL mentoring program.

Jenny Adams
Network Adminstrator
Sacramento, CA



"Well when I started out in the note business through another program it didn’t go well.  I paid so much money for nothing. I even had one of their coaches and it didn’t do anything for me.  I felt like they rushed everything and didn’t really teach me what I needed to know. 

Durante’ Parks has taught me a lot about the note business in such a very short time! He has really opened my eyes and my mind to a whole new world of other opportunities also.

With other how to programs they teach you just how to be a broker and make a broker fee. With Durante’s program leran how to make profits as a buyer rather than a measley commission as a Broker.

He just took me by the hand and gave me a real true understanding about the note business.

His program is the real key to success in this business and any other financial situations in our lives! His knowlege and unique teaching style is personal and so refreshing."

Carmella Shakespaere-Kuhn



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